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Table 1 Reference strains from GenBank

From: A single amino acid substitution alter antigenicity of Glycosylated protein 4 of HP-PRRSV

Strain name Access number Strain Access number Strain name Access number
CH-1a_ AY032626 CG2006 EU864231 CWZ-1-F3_ FJ889130
VR2332 AY150564 BJ_2007 EU825723 WUH1_ EU187484
CH2003 EU880440 GD_2007 EU109503 BJPG_ FJ950746
CH2002_ EU880438 07QN FJ394029 LN EU109502
HB-1 AY150312 HUB2 EF112446 HEB1_ EF112447
HB-2 AY262352 07NM FJ393456 07HEN FJ393457
CH2004 EU880439 GD2007 EU880433 BJSD_ FJ950747
PRRSV02 FJ175688 GDBY1 GQ374442 GS2008 EU880431
PRRSV03 FJ175689 GDQJ_ GQ374441 SHH_2007 EU106888
BJ-4_1996 AF331831 CBB-1-F3 FJ889129 BJsy06 EU097707
GS2002 EU880441 Henan-1_ EU200962 NM1 EU860249
GS2004 EU880443 HPBEDV_ EU236259 SX2007 EU880434
S1 DQ459471 07BJ FJ393459 SX-09 HQ843181
PRRSV01 FJ175687 HUB1_ EF075945 SY0608 EU144079
QY2010 JQ743666 HuN EF517962 TJ_2006 EU860248
CC-1_2006 EF153486 Jiangxi-3 EU200961 TP_2006 EU864233
SHB_2005 EU864232 Jsyx EU939312 XH-GD_2007 EU624117
Em2007 EU262603 JX143 EU708726 XL2008 EU880436
SD-CXA_2008 GQ359108 JX2006 EU880432 YN2008 EU880435
APRRS_2009 GQ330474 JXA1 EF112445 HN1 AY457635
NB_04 FJ536165 JXwn06 EF641008 HN2007 EU880437
SX-1_2011 GQ857656 NX06 EU097706 Lelystad M96262