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Fig. 1

From: Differences in viral load among human respiratory syncytial virus genotypes in hospitalized children with severe acute respiratory infections in the Philippines

Fig. 1

Quantitative PCR amplification of partial sequence (658 nucleotides) N genes of HRSV NA1, ON1 and BA9 genotypes. A dilution series of high-quality RNA copies was used to generate standard curves as describe in the methods. Reactions were performed in triplicate. HRSV genotypes Ct values stand for the cycle at which reporter fluorescence crosses the software-defined threshold. The linear range of threshold cycle vs RNA copies was (2 - 9) Log10 copies/μl. Solid line, linear regression of RNA copies vs Ct values. Dashed lines represent the 95 % confidence intervals for potential regression lines. The slopes and y-intercepts are -3.70, 44.35 for NA1, -3.77, 44.83 for ON1 and -3.74, 44.91 for BA9

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