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Table 1 MDPV isolates used in this study for sequence comparison

From: Construction and sequencing of an infectious clone of the goose embryo-adapted Muscovy duck parvovirus vaccine strain FZ91-30

Strain Pathogenicity Geographic origin Genome region Year of isolation GenBank accession no.
FM n. a. Europe Full-length n. a. U22967
89384 Pathogenic France VP1 1989 Z68272
90-0215 Pathogenic Taiwan VP1 1990 AY382891
90-0219 Pathogenic Taiwan VP1 1990 AY382892
97-0104 Pathogenic Taiwan VP1 1997 AY382893
P Pathogenic China Rep1; VP1 1988 JF926697
YY pathogenic Chian Full-length 2000 KX000918
FZ91-30 Vaccine China Full-length 1991 KT865605
  1. n. a.: not available, but the isolation year is probably close to the 89384 strain