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Table 3 Log10 viral RNA copies of BCoV per gram tissue

From: Bovine coronavirus in naturally and experimentally exposed calves; viral shedding and the potential for transmission

Days post exposure Calf Medial retropharyngeal lymph node Mesenteric lymph node Lung Ileum Colon
22 E4 6.9 6.3 Not done Not done Not done
28 E2 6.7 Negative Not done Not done Not done
35 E3 Negative 5.0 Negative 6.0 5.2
42 E1 6.2 7.4 Negative 7.0 6.0
  1. Tissue samples from lymph nodes, lung, Ileum and Colon were harvested from exposed group calves euthanized at the indicated number of days after exposure to field group calves. The number of viral RNA copies (VRC) of BCoV was quantified with RT-qPCR and the limit of quantification was 4.2 log10 VRC/g tissue