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Fig. 1

From: Co-infection of a hypovirulent isolate of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum with a new botybirnavirus and a strain of a mitovirus

Fig. 1

Virus particles and dsRNA components in strain AH16. a Electron micrograph of SsBRV2 virus particles purified from the mycelia of strain AH16. b Electrophoresis on 1 % agarose gel of dsRNA extracted from mycelia and purified VLPs (left figure), and dsRNA segments isolated from the purified particles were further separated on 5 % PAGE gel (right figure). All of the dsRNA samples were treated with DNase I and S1 nuclease prior to electrophoresis. M means DNA molecular weight; kbp means kilo base pair. c 10 % SDS-PAGE gel-electrophoresed analysis of the protein components of viral particles purified from SsBRV2-infected strain (lane VP) and SsBRV2-free strain (lane VF). Four black arrows representative protein bands that were presence in SsBRV2-infected strain, but lack in SsBRV2-free strain. The molecular weight of the protein bands was estimated by the protein markers. kDa means kilo Dalton

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