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Table 3 Coding potential of four strains of ERBVs in the present study

From: Equine rhinitis B viruses in horse fecal samples from the Middle East

Putative proteins Strain 303 Strain 396 Strain 421 Strain 1228
L M1-R219 M1-R219 M1-R219 M1-R219
VP4 G220-L290 G220-L290 G220-L290 G220-L289
VP2 D291-E546 D291-E546 D291-E546 D290-E545
VP3 G547-E775 G547-E775 G547-E775 G546-E775
VP1 G776-S1098 G776-S1098 G776-S1098 G776-T1094
2A N1099-G1114 N1099-G1114 N1099-G1114 N1095-G1110
2B P1115-E1397 P1115-E1397 P1115-E1397 P1111-E1393
2C G1398-Q1714 G1398-Q1714 G1398-Q1714 G1394-Q1710
3A S1715-S1847 S1715-S1847 S1715-S1847 S1711-S1843
3B R1848-E1868 R1848-E1868 R1848-E1868 R1844-E1864
3C N1869-Q2120 N1869-Q2120 N1869-Q2120 N1865-Q2116
3D G2121-L2588 G2121-L2588 G2121-L2588 G2117-L2584