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Table 5 Top 10 most cited articles in Scopus related to dengue worldwide

From: Dengue research: a bibliometric analysis of worldwide and Arab publications during 1872–2015

SCR Authors Title Year of publication Source title Cited by
1st Gubler [49] Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever 1998 Clinical Microbiology Reviews 1451
2nd Bhatt et al. [3] The global distribution and burden of dengue 2013 Nature 991
3rd Halstead [50] Pathogenesis of dengue: Challenges to molecular biology 1988 Science 991
4th Lanciotti et al. [51] Rapid detection and typing of dengue viruses from clinical samples by using reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction 1992 Journal of Clinical Microbiology 896
5th Vaughn et al. [52] Dengue viremia titer, antibody response pattern, and virus serotype correlate with disease severity 2000 Journal of Infectious Diseases 807
6th Gubler [53] Epidemic dengue/dengue hemorrhagic fever as a public health, social and economic problem in the 21st century 2002 Trends in Microbiology 749
7th Halstead [54] Dengue 2007 Lancet 720
8th Guzmán and Kourí [55] Dengue: An update 2002 Lancet Infectious Diseases 718
9th Kuhn et al. [56] Structure of dengue virus: Implications for flavivirus organization, maturation, and fusion 2002 Cell 682
10th Mackenzie et al. [57] Emerging flaviviruses: The spread and resurgence of Japanese encephalitis, West Nile and dengue viruses 2004 Nature Medicine 645
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