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Table 2 Field isolates of ALV-J and induced tumor spectrum

From: Avian leukosis virus subgroup J induces its receptor--chNHE1 up-regulation

Isolate no Tumor spectrum and distribution
1 ML (kidney, liver, spleen, lung), HG (claw)
2 LL (liver, lung)
3 ML (kidney, liver, spleen), LL (liver), FS (pectoralis)
4 ML (kidney, liver), LL (liver), HG (lung)
5 ML (liver), EB (kidney, liver,)
6 ML (liver, spleen, intestine),LL (liver, spleen, lung), AN (pancreas, intestine)
7 HG (intestine, pancreas)
8 ML(kidney)
9 ML (kidney, bone, liver, spleen, lung, pancreas, intestine), EB (liver, spleen), LL (heart)
10 HG (intestine, pancreas)
  1. ML myelocytomas, HG haemangiomas, EB erythroblastosis, LL lymphocytomas, FS fibrosarcoma, AN aneurysm