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Table 1 Influenza A virus-derived MHC class I restricted T cell epitopes included in the study

From: A heat-inactivated H7N3 vaccine induces cross-reactive cellular immunity in HLA-A2.1 transgenic mice

Peptides Sequence Position MHC restriction
M1-58 GILGFVFTL 58–66 HLA-A2.1
M1-59 ILGFVFTLTV 59–68 HLA-A2.1
PB1-407 MMMGMFNML 407–415 HLA-A2.1
PB1-413 NMLSTVLGV 413–421 HLA-A2.1
PB1-501 FVANFSMEL 501–509 HLA-A2.1
PB1-505 FSMELPSFGV 505–514 HLA-A2.1
PB2-49 WMMAMKYPI 49–57 HLA-A2.1
PB2-50 MMAMKYPITA 50–59 HLA-A2.1
PA-46 FMYSDFHFI 46–54 HLA-A2.1
PA-225 SLENFRAYV 225–233 HLA-A2.1
PA-282 FLLMDALKL 282–290 HLA-A2.1
NP-329 QLVWMACHSAA 329–339 HLA-A2.1
NP-366 ASNENMETM 336–374 H2-Db