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Fig. 3

From: Molecular characterization of Nipah virus from Pteropus hypomelanus in Southern Thailand

Fig. 3

Amino acid (aa) differences among available complete NiV N gene open reading frame sequences (ORF). A total of 533 aa sequences were compared among NiV isolates from P. hypomelanus (blue) and P. lylei (red) from Thailand and NiV aa sequences available in GenBank. “.” Dots indicate sequences identical to AF212302; S, strain classification; MY, sequences from NiV-MY (Malaysia); BD, sequences from NiV-BD (Bangladesh); Bt, Bat; HU, Human; PI, Pig; PV, Pteropus vampyrus; PH, P. hypomelanus; PL, P. lylei; MY, Malaysia, BD, Bangladesh; IN, India; KH, Cambodia; TH, Thailand; S-TH, Southern Thailand

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