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Fig. 2

From: Molecular characterization of Nipah virus from Pteropus hypomelanus in Southern Thailand

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic trees of Nipah virus (NiV) gene; a partial coding sequence (cds) of nucleocapsid (N) gene (357 bp), and b complete cds of N gene (1599 bp). Maximum-likelihood method was used to analyze phylogenetics, using sequences available in GenBank. NiV-MY partial N gene from P. lylei [15] and additional whole N gene sequences of NiV-BD obtained in 2010–2011 from urine of P. lylei bats in Thailand (GenBank accession numbers KT163251- KT163256) were included. Alignments were constructed by Multiple Alignment Fast Fourier Transform (MAFFT). Bootstrap values were determined using 1000 replicates via MEGA 6.06. The tree was then visualized using FigTree program, version 1.4.2. GenBank accession numbers are shown for corresponding sequences. NiVs found in P. hypomelanus and P. lylei from Thailand are colored in blue and red respectively. Hendra virus (HeV) was used as the outgroup. Bt, Bat; HU, Human; PI, Pig; PV, Pteropus vampyrus; PH, P. hypomelanus; PL, P. lylei; MY, Malaysia, BD, Bangladesh; IN, India; KH, Cambodia; TH, Thailand; S-TH, Southern Thailand

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