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Fig. 3

From: Development of an HSV-1 neutralization test with a glycoprotein D specific antibody for measurement of neutralizing antibody titer in human sera

Fig. 3

Feasibility of ELISPOT-NT. a The assessment of two independent serum samples by ELISPOT-NT. Number of spots obtained from serial dilutions of one positive serum and one negative serum was shown. For the ELISPOT-NT, the incubation time was set to 14 h and the infectious dose was set to 1 × 104 PFU. b Influence of the infectious dose on the accuracy of ELISPOT-NT. The neutralizing antibody titers (NT50) of three independent serum samples (designated as A, B and C) and the number of spots was measured under different infectious doses. All of the NT50 values were log2-transformed. Results represent mean ± SD from three independent experiments

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