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Fig. 2

From: Actin- and clathrin-dependent mechanisms regulate interferon gamma release after stimulation of human immune cells with respiratory syncytial virus

Fig. 2

IFN-γ release after RSV infection is actin- and clathrin-dependent. a-b PBMCs were pre-treated with RPMI, CytoD (1 μg/ml) or CPZ (5 μg/ml). After pre-treatment, PBMCs were incubated with RPMI, RSV at MOI 1 or PHA (1 μg/ml) for 24 h and IFN-γ release was measured. Lower limit of detection: 20 pg/ml. Wilcoxon-signed rank test was used for statistical analysis. Data are mean ± SEM (N = 4-6). (*p < 0.05) (ND = non-detectable, NS = no significant difference between untreated and CytoD-treated cells or between untreated and CPZ-treated cells)

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