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Table 2 Ethiopian orf virus field isolates (n = 18) characterized in this study. The isolate’s names, area of collection, animal species and GenBank accession number for the A32L (ORF011) and B2L (ORF108) genes are provided

From: Molecular characterization of orf virus from sheep and goats in Ethiopia, 2008–2013

Sl No Strain name Area of collection Animal species/Host GenBank accession number
A32 gene B2L gene
1 Adet/O01/2012 Adet Sheep KT438531 KT438513
2 Adet/O02/2012 Adet Sheep KT438532 KT438514
3 Adet/O03/2012 Adet Sheep KT438533 KT438515
4 Adet/O04/2012 Adet Sheep KT438534 KT438516
5 Adet/O05/2012 Adet Sheep KT438535 KT438517
6 Amba G/O01/2012 Amba Giorgis Sheep KT438537 KT438519
7 Amba G/C02/2012 Amba Giorgis Goat KT438536 KT438518
8 Amba G/O03/2012 Amba Giorgis Sheep KT438538 KT438520
9 ATARC/O01/2008 Adami Tulu Sheep KT438539 KT438521
10 ATARC/O02/2008 Adami Tulu Sheep KT438541 KT438523
11 ATARC/O01/2010 Adami Tulu Sheep KT438540 KT438522
12 ATARC/O02/2010 Adami Tulu Sheep KT438542 KT438524
13 Debre zeit/O01/2012 Debre zeit Sheep KT438543 KT438525
14 Debre zeit/O02/2012 Debre zeit Sheep KT438544 KT438526
15 Gondar z/C01/2013 Gondar zuria Goat KT438545 KT438527
16 Gondar z/C02/2013 Gondar zuria Goat KT438546 KT438528
17 Gondar z/C03/2013 Gondar zuria Goat KT438547 KT438529
18 Gondar z/O04/2013 Gondar zuria Sheep KT438548 KT438530
  1. ATARC Adami Tulu Agriculture Research Center, C Caprine, O Ovine