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Fig. 1

From: Statistical correlation of nonconservative substitutions of HIV gp41 variable amino acid residues with the R5X4 HIV-1 phenotype

Fig. 1

Entropy at each amino acid position (S k ) of HIV-1 gp41 calculated from the whole set of sequences. Residue numbers correspond to positions in gp160 HXB2 strain. Residues statistically related to virus phenotype (Tables 2 and 3) are indicated with position number. FP, fusion peptide; HR1, heptad repeat region 1; HR2, heptad repeat region 2; MPER, membrane proximal external region; MSD, membrane spanning domain; MSD2, membrane spanning domain 2; MSD3, membrane spanning domain 3; ME, minor ectodomain; LLP-1, lentiviral lytic peptide 1; LLP-2, lentiviral lytic peptide 2; LLP-3, lentiviral lytic peptide 3

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