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Fig. 4

From: H2AX phosphorylation and DNA damage kinase activity are dispensable for herpes simplex virus replication

Fig. 4

HSV-1 replication and virion production are reduced in both ATM−/− and ATR-deficient cell lines. ATM−/− cells (GM01588A and GM02052F), ATR-deficient (GM18366D) cells, or normal human fibroblasts (GM05757B) were infected with HSV-1 (MOI 5). a. Infection of ATM−/− cells. b. Infection of ATR-deficient cells. Left panels: At 24 h p.i., total DNA was harvested from cells and supernatant. Viral DNA (vDNA) was quantified using ICP0 primers and normalized to 18S rDNA and GM05757B values. Grey lines indicate mean of triplicate experiments. Right panels: Plaque assays were performed using supernatants collected at various times from infected cells. Bars represent the average and standard deviation of biological triplicates. Asterisks indicate statistical significance relative to wildtype fibroblasts at p < 0.05

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