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Table 2 Distribution of stop codon, insertion, deletion and reading frame shift mutations in the full-length S protein

From: Occult hepatitis B virus infection: influence of S protein variants

OBI group Control group
Patient Genotype Na Mutationb Type Site (aa) Notec Patient Genotype N Mutationa Type Site (aa) Noteb
O1 C 3 TGT → TGA Stop 69   C1 B 1 TTG → TAG Stop 209  
  C 4 TGG → TGA Stop 182         
  C 3 AGCACGGGACCA Deletion 117-120 STGP        
O2 C 1 TTT Deletion 220 F        
O3 B 1 TGG → TAG Stop 35         
O5a C 2 TGG → TAG Stop 163         
  C 1 Add “T” nt638 Shift 213         
O6 C 1 TTA → TGA Stop 217   C6 B 1 Miss “G” nt606 Shift 203  
O8 B 1 Miss “G” nt54 Shift 20         
  C 1 Add “T” nt607 Shift 203         
  C 1 Miss “G” nt54 Shift 20         
  C 1 Miss “T” nt240 Shift 80         
O9 C 2 TTA → TAA Stop 216         
  C 4 ACC Insert 124-125 T        
        C10 C 3 AACAACAAC Insert 116-117 TTT
         C 2 TGG → TAG Stop 195  
O11 C 8 TTA → TAA Stop 216   C11 C 1 AACAACAAC Insert 116-117 TTT
  C 1 AACAACAAC Insert 117-118 TTT        
O13a B 8 TGT → TGA Stop 107   C13 B 1 CAG → TAG Stop 30  
  C 7 TTA → TAA Stop 216         
O15 C 6 TTA → TAA Stop 216         
  1. Shift reading frame shift, Insert insertional mutation, Deletion deletion mutation, Stop stop codon mutation
  2. a the number of clones with stop codon, insertion, deletion or reading frame shift mutations in the full-length S protein
  3. b the different types of nucleotide variation, e.g. TGT → TGA indicate the nucleotide sequence change into TGA from TGT; “AGCACGGGACCA” et al. is the nucleotide sequence of insertions or deletions; Add “T” nt638 indicate to add a base”T” after nt638 of S gene; Miss “G” nt54 indicate to miss a base”G” after nt54 of S gene
  4. c the amino acid sequence of insertions or deletions
  5. b, c Reference sequence: genotype B (GQ205440), genotype C (GQ205441)