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Table 2 Sources of pathogens

From: Simultaneous detection of eight immunosuppressive chicken viruses using a GeXP analyser-based multiplex PCR assay

Pathogen Source Pathogen Source
Reference viruses   Other viruses  
Marek’s disease virus KC453972, KC453973, GX130112, GX140301, 050118, 070123, 090201, 100428 GVRI Inactivated H5N1 avian influenza virus Re-1 HVRI
Avian leucosis virus subgroup A isolate RSV-1 CVCC Avian influenza virus H9N6/Duck/HK/147/77 HKU
Avian leucosis virus subgroup A isolate GX110521, GX110522, ALVA01, ALVA02, ALVA03 GVRI Avian influenza virus H7N2/chicken PA/3979/97 PU
Avian leucosis virus subgroup B isolate RSV-2 CVCC Newcastle disease virus F48E9 GVRI
Avian leucosis virus subgroup B isolate GX111230, GX130401, ALVB15, ALVB23, ALVB28 GVRI Newcastle disease virus GX6/02 GVRI
Avian leucosis virus subgroup J isolate KC453974, KC453975, GX090201, GX090521, GX110110, GX120081, GX130018, GX140010 GVRI Infectious bronchitis virus Massachusetts 41 GVRI
Reticuloendotheliosis virus AV235 CVCC Infectious laryngotracheitis virus AV1231 CIVDC
Reticuloendotheliosis virus KC453976, KC453977, GX120825, GX131118 GVRI Mycoplasma synoviae CAU0748 CVCC
Avian reovirus S1133, 1733, 526, C78, GuangxiR1, GuangxiR2, GX110058 GVRI   
Infectious bursal disease virus CA, AV162, AV144 CVCC   
Infectious bursal disease virus AV6 CIVDC   
Infectious bursal disease virus 070124, 080113, 090053, 100008, 110110, 130223 GVRI   
Chicken infectious anaemia virus CAU0728, CAU0729, CAU0730, CAU0731, CAU0732 CVCC   
Chicken infectious anaemia virus GXC060821 GVRI   
  1. a) HVRI = Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, China
  2. b) HKU = The University of Hong Kong, China
  3. c) GVRI = Guangxi Veterinary Research Institute, China
  4. d) CIVDC = China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control, China
  5. e) PU = University of Pennsylvania
  6. f) CVCC = China Veterinary Culture Collection Centre