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Fig. 1

From: Simultaneous detection of eight immunosuppressive chicken viruses using a GeXP analyser-based multiplex PCR assay

Fig. 1

GeXP-multiplex PCR assay specificity. The GeXP-multiplex PCR assay was performed using a single template and mixed primers for the following: ALV-A: 155.38 bp (a); ALV-B: 284.65 bp (b); ALV-J: 204.55 bp (c); MDV: 227.35 bp (d); REV: 182.64 bp (e); CIAV: 268.61 bp (f); ARV: 215.83 bp (g); IBDV: 294.27 bp (h). DNA from the thymus, spleen and bursa of SPF chickens was used as a negative control (I). The x axes represent the sizes of PCR products in bp, and the y axes represent the dye signal in absorbance units (A.U.). Blue peaks denote specific amplification peaks, and red peaks denote marker peaks

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