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Table 1 List of mutations introduced into NL4-3, SK68 and B47 Nef sequences

From: Genetic determinants of Nef-mediated CD4 and HLA class I down-regulation differences between HIV-1 subtypes B and C

NL4-3 SK68 B47
S8R S8R  
S9R S9R  
V10-/V11- I10-/V11-  
P14S P14S  
S8L/V10-/V11-/P14A/A15S S8L/I10-/V11-/P14A/A15S  
S8R/V11G/P14S S8R/V11G/P14S R8S/G11V/S14P
M20I I20M  
R35Q Q35R  
E59Q Q59E  
S88G S88G  
S88G/E98D S88G/E98D  
E98D E98D