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Table 2 Aminoacid substitutions in HCV NS5B polymerase region associated with resistance to DAAsa in treatment-naïve patients

From: Naturally occurring mutations associated with resistance to HCV NS5B polymerase and NS3 protease inhibitors in treatment-naïve patients with chronic hepatitis C

Rb Pc Dd Me Drug G 1a (n = 21) G 1b (n = 21) G 2a (n = 2) G 2c (n = 60) G 3a (n = 20) G 4d (n = 25) G 4 k (n = 1)
NS5B 316 C N,Y,H Sofosbuvir, Mericitabine *C(57)/N(38),H(5)
NS5B 282 S T Sofosbuvir, Mericitabine
NS5B 320 I   Sofosbuvir, Mericitabine
NS5B 321 V   Sofosbuvir, Mericitabine
  1. a direct acting antiviral agents
  2. Rb, Region; Pc, Position aa; Dd, Dominant aa; Me, Mutant aa; (Donaldson, [29]; Lam, [25]; Tong, [28])
  3. *Percentage of sequences with substitutions
  4. •The dominant residue is found in 100 % of analyzed sequences for each genotype