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Table 2 Recovery of MVEV NS1-2A cleavage site mutants

From: Proteolytic cleavage analysis at the Murray Valley encephalitis virus NS1-2A junction

Virus Octapeptide motif and mutation a Plaque size b (Fig. 3) NS1-2A cleavage (from Table 1)
rMVEV L-V-K-S-R-V-Q-A ↓ 4 mm 88 %
rP3-Gly L-V-K-S-R-G-Q-A ↓ 4 mm 83 %
rP8-Ala A-V-K-S-R-V-Q-A ↓ 4 mm 80 %
  1. aMutations introduced into the octapeptide are in bold and underlined, and arrow denotes the NS1-2A cleavage site
  2. bPlaque size on Vero cell monolayers stained with neutral red at 4 days pi and observed 16 h later