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Fig. 1

From: Capsid display of a conserved human papillomavirus L2 peptide in the adenovirus 5 hexon protein: a candidate prophylactic hpv vaccine approach

Fig. 1

Adenovirus and L2-specific serum antibody response after vaccination of mice with L2-recombinant adenoviruses either with or without adjuvant. Legend: Balb/c mice (5/group) were vaccinated s.c. three times at 3 week intervals with 1010 L2 or HA-recombinant adenovirus particles either with 50 μg aluminum hydroxide gel and 5 μg monophosphoryl lipid A (shaded boxes) or without adjuvant (clear boxes) in a total volume of 150 μL/dose, or controls Gardasil (0.1x human dose) or buffer. Serum was collected 3 weeks after each immunization (i.e. bleed numbers b1, b2 or b3) and two-fold dilutions tested by ELISA. ELISA titers against adenovirus (a) or L2 (b) are shown as mean + SEM. HA: mice immunized with the HA recombinant control virus

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