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Table 2 The concentrations at which 50 and 90 % of infections are prevented under the various conditions of copper phthalocyanine sulfate (CuPcS) exposure: HIV pre-treated with CuPcS; peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) pre-treated with CuPcS; simultaneous addition of HIV, PBMCs, and CuPcS; and pre-incubation of HIV and PBMCs with subsequent addition of CuPcS

From: In vitro antiretroviral activity and in vivo toxicity of the potential topical microbicide copper phthalocyanine sulfate

CuPcS Inhibition of HIV-1BAL Infection of PBMCs
  EC50 μg/ml EC90 μg/ml
HIV pre-treated 53.31 184.7
PBMCs pre-treated 42.96 147.2
CuPcS added post-infection 26.11 215.3
Combined addition 54.72 186.7
Pre (100 μg/mL)- and post-treatment Undefined Undefined