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Table 1 Brazilian isolates of cotton leafroll dwarf virus used in the study

From: Function and diversity of P0 proteins among cotton leafroll dwarf virus isolates

Isolate Locationa G. hirsutum cultivar CBD resistance phenotype Symptoms observed Year
PV1 Primavera do Leste – MT FM966 Susceptible Typical 2004
Acr9 Acreuna – GO CD406 Resistant Typical 2006
Hol1 Holambra – SP Nd Nd Typical 2007
Ima2 Campo Verde - MT IAC25 RMD Resistant Atypical 2009
Ipa4 Ipameri - GO Delta Opal Resistant Typical 2006
Pal3 Palotina - PR CD034928 Nd Typical 2006
Pm1 Patos de Minas - MG Epamig1 Nd Atypical 2007
  1. aMT, Mato Grosso State; GO – Goiás State; SP – São Paulo State; PR – Paraná State; MG – Minas Gerais State