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Table 6 Antibody response and post-challenge mortality of chicks immunized with different vaccines and then challenged with NDV/Chicken/TC/1/2011

From: Characterization of emerging Newcastle disease virus isolates in China

NDV vaccine a Mortality in each challengeb (%) 7DPC c NDV-HI GMTd against LaSota strain 56 DPVe 14 DPC
Oil-TC/1 0 147 1024
Oil-Las 17 147 1024
Live-Las 25 156 2048
Oil-TC/1 plus Live-Las 0 274 2048
Oil-Las plus Live-Las 9 362 2194
Un-inoculated control 100 All died All died
  1. aAt the age of 3 weeks, twelve chicks per group were vaccinated, respectively. After 2 weeks, a booster dose of each vaccine was administered to the bird. Blood samples were taken on 3 week after booster
  2. bOral challenge with the allantonic fluid of virulent NDV/Chicken/TC/1/2011 isolate
  3. cDPC: days post-challenge
  4. dNDV-HI GMT: geometric mean titer of NDV hemagglutination-inhibition titer
  5. eDPV: days post-vaccination