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Table 1 Plasmids used in the study

From: Efficient generation of influenza virus with a mouse RNA polymerase I-driven all-in-one plasmid

Plasmid type Plasmid (related properties) ori and marker
Vector plasmid pcDNA3.1(−) (CMV, SV40 pA) pUC ori, ApR
T-vector precursor pYA4518 (AhdI-GFP cassette-AhdI) p15A ori, CmR
Reporter plasmid pYA4392 (CPI-EGFP), pYA4924 (MPI-EGFP)
pYA4332 (GFP cassette) pUCori, ApR
pYA4731 (CMV-mCherry)
pYA4732 (CMV-mCherry, PB2, PB1, PA, NP, HA, NA, M, NS) p15A ori, CmR;
MPI-based bidirectional vector pYA4963 (CMV-MPI), pYA4964 (CMV-GFP cassette-MPI) pUCori, ApR
CPI-based 8-plasmid system pYA4383 (PB2), pYA4384 (PB1), pYA4385 (PA), pYA4386 (NP), pYA4388 (HA), pYA4389 (NA), pYA4390 (M), pYA4391 (NS)
MPI-based 8-plasmid system pYA4965 (PB1), pYA4966 (PB2), pYA4967 (PA), pYA4968 (NP), pYA4969 (HA), pYA4970 (NA), pYA4971 (M), pYA4972 (NS)
1-unit plasmid pYA4973 (PB1), pYA4974 (NP), pYA4975 (NA), pYA4976 (NS); pYA4977 (PB1,GFP), pYA4978 (NP, GFP), pYA4979 (NA,GFP), pYA4980 (NS,GFP) p15A ori, CmR
2-unit plasmid pYA4981 (PB1,PB2), pYA4982 (NP,PA), pYA4983 (NA,HA), pYA4984 (NS,M), pYA4985 (PB1,PB2,GFP), pYA4986 (NP,PA,GFP), pYA4987 (NS,M,GFP)  
4-unit plasmid pYA4988 (NP, PA, PB1, PB2,GFP), pYA4989 (NS, M, NA, HA)  
8-unit plasmid pYA4990 (NP, PA, PB1, PB2, NS, M, NA, HA)  
6-unit plasmid pYA5000 (NP, PA, PB1, PB2, NS, M)