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Table 3 Polymorphic sites between envelope and NS5 sequences belonging to southeastern coastal Texas genotype and our samples from Northern of Colombia (Córdoba, San Bernardo del Viento)

From: Evolutionary relationships of West Nile virus detected in mosquitoes from a migratory bird zone of Colombian Caribbean

Sequences Polymorphic sites
Envelope NS5
1 11222222
22455695 57012222
834745480 91811266
440675140 93524727
JN716371.1 COL524 CAT....T. …C..T.
JN716372.1 COL9835 CAT...... …C..T.
AY712948.1 Mosquito-v4369 CATC.A..T CTT..TT.
GU828004.1 Bird1519 CATC.A..T CTT..TTA
GU828002.1 v4095 CATC.A..T C.T.CTT.
CDCCA4-12 Cx.erraticus CATCC.G.T C.T..TT.
CDCCZ2-21 Cx.erraticus CATCC.G.T C.T..TT.
  1. Number represented polymorphic positions inside alignment of envelope and NS5 sequences and dots indicate sequence homology. Nucleotides in shadow evidenced unique substitutions that distinguish WNV-detected in mosquito pools from other strains