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Table 2 Sequences downloaded of Genbank and background information of WNV strain/isolates used in this study

From: Evolutionary relationships of West Nile virus detected in mosquitoes from a migratory bird zone of Colombian Caribbean

Accession number Strain Location Host-species Year
GQ379160 ArEq001 Argentina Horse 2006
GQ379161 ArEq003 Argentina Horse 2006
DQ118127 goose-Hungary/03 Hungary goose 2003
AF481864 IS-98 ST1 Israel sick stork 1998
DQ080065 TVP9221 Mexico:Baja Calfornia Norte Grackel 2003
DQ080064 TVP9222 Mexico:Baja Calfornia Norte Coot 2003
DQ080063 TVP9223 Mexico:Baja Calfornia Norte Pigeon 2003
DQ080066 TVP9220 Mexico:Baja Calfornia Norte Cormorant 2003
DQ080068 TVP9218 Mexico:Baja Calfornia Norte Blue Heron 2003
DQ080067 TVP9219 Mexico:Baja Calfornia Norte Green Heron 2003
DQ080070 TVP9115 Mexico:Sonora Grackel 2003
DQ080069 TVP9117 Mexico:Tamaulipas Horse 2003
DQ164201 AZ 2004 (Arizona 2004) USA: Arizona Human- plasma 2004
DQ080057 CA-03 Arcadia-S0331532 (I) USA: California, Los Angeles Crow 2003
DQ080058 CA-03 Arcadia-S0334814 (J) USA: California, Los Angeles Crow 2003
DQ080072 FL232 USA: Florida, Palm Beach Co. Catbird 2001
DQ080071 FL234 USA: Florida, Sumter Co. Horse 2002
GU827998 Bird114 USA: Harris County, Texas blue jay 2002
GU828002 v4095 USA: Harris County, Texas Culex quinquefasciatus 2003
GU828000 Bird1175 USA: Harris County, Texas Blue jay 2003
GU828003 Bird1881 USA: Jefferson County, Texas Mourning dove 2003
AF404753 MD 2000-crow265 USA: Maryland Crow 2000
AY795965 ARC10-02 USA: Michigan Human- plasma 2002
GU828004 Bird1519 USA: Montgomery County, Texas Bluejay 2003
DQ211652, AY842931 NY99 385-99 USA: New York Snowy Owl 1999
AF196835 NY99-flamingo382-99 USA: New York Flamingo 1999
AF202541 HNY1999 USA: New York Human 1999
AF260967 NY99-eqhs USA: New York Horse 1999
DQ164189 NY 2003 Albany USA: NY, Albany American crow 2003
DQ666452 BSL2-05 USA: South Dakota Human- plasma 2005
DQ164198 TX 2002 1 (80025) USA: Texas Human- plasma 2002
DQ164205 TX 2002 2 (80022) USA: Texas Human- plasma 2002
AY712945 Bird 1153 (TWN274) USA: Texas Mourning dove 2003
AY712946 Bird 1171 (TWN269) USA: Texas Blue jay 2003
AY712948 V4369 (TWN382) USA: Texas Culex quinquefasciatus 2003
DQ080053 AZ-03 03-1799 USA:Arizona, Apache Co. Culex tarsalis 2003
DQ080051 AZ-03-1623 (A) USA:Arizona, Cochise Co. Culex tarsalis 2003
DQ080052 AZ-03-1681 (B) USA:Arizona, Maricopoa Co. Culex tarsalis 2003
DQ080055 CA-03 IMPR 102 (F) USA:California, Imperial Valley Culex tarsalis 2003
DQ080056 CA-03 IMPR-1075 (G) USA:California, Imperial Valley Culex tarsalis 2003
DQ080054 CA-03 GRLA-1260 USA:California, Los Angeles Culex quinquefasciatus 2003
FJ527738 LSU-AR01 USA:Louisiana Blue jay 2001
DQ080062 LA02-2829 (TWN165) USA:Louisiana Mosquito 2002
DQ080061 Bird2409 (TWN 496) USA:Louisiana Cardinal 2004
HQ671697 BID V4197-2001 USA: Connecticut Aedes vexans 2001
KJ501528 BID V6697-2002 USA Blue jay 2002
AY646354 USA USA: New York Human-plasma 2002
DQ164199 TX-2003 USA: Texas Human 2003
AY660002 Mex03 (TM171-03) Mexico: Tabasco Raven 2002
JN716371 COL524-08 Colombia: Antioquia, Medellín Flamingo 2008
JN716372 COL9835-08 Colombia: Antioquia, Medellín Flamingo 2008