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Table 1 Database search for NP-41I/V and/or NP-210D/E mutations in virus isolates from nature

From: Residues 41V and/or 210D in the NP protein enhance polymerase activities and potential replication of novel influenza (H7N9) viruses at low temperature

Mutations Human Swine Avian Canine Equine Other residues
NP-41V 6 14 197 42 98 I(13,763), A(2), G(3), K(1), M(1), Q(8), T(6), Y(1)
(n = 357)
NP-210D 9 4 143 0 0 E(13960), G(2), N(9), P(3), Q(2), R(3), X(7)
(n = 156)
NP-41V + 210D 6 0 19 0 0
(n = 25)
  1. The data shown are the number of sequences with identical amino acid composition (NP-41 and NP-210) of 14,142 influenza isolates in the NCBI database. The total number of each residue is shown in parentheses.