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Table 1 Clinical Score

From: Clinical response to pandemic h1n1 influenza virus from a fatal and mild case in ferrets

Clinical score 0 1 2 3
Playful normal mild apathy apathetic  
Arched back normal arched   
Bristly hair no bristly bristly tail bristly tail and back all body bristly
Sneezing no sporadic frecuent  
Nasal secretion no secretion low abundant  
Conjunctival secretion no secretion low abundant  
Breathing rate normal (40–50) 50-70 70<  
Auscultation normal anomalous   
Lost weight no lost weight (1-5%) (5-10%) (>10)
Temperature normal (37.5-39,4) hyperthermia (39.5-40°C) (>40) <37
Mucous normal congestive   
Heart rate <250 250-300 300 <  
  1. Animals were monitored daily at the same time for clinical observations.