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Table 2 The EMCV reference strains cited in this study

From: Identification of VP1 peptides diagnostic of encephalomyocarditis virus from swine

Virus designation GenBank accession no Geographic origin Species Clinical field observation
GXLC FJ897755 China Swine Myocarditis
BJC3 DQ464062 China Swine Reproductive failure
HB1 DQ464063 China Swine Myocarditis
K3 EU780148 Korea Swine Reproductive failure
K11 EU780149 Korea Swine Reproductive failure
CBNU DQ517424 Korea Swine Reproductive failure
BEL-2887A AF356822 Belgium Swine Reproductive failure
PV21 X74312 Germany Swine Myocarditis
D variant M37588 USA Swine Myocarditis
EMC-B M22457 USA Swine Myocarditis
EMC-D M22458 USA Swine Myocarditis
GX0602 FJ604853 China Mice Myocarditis
Mengo-M L22089 Uganda Monkey Myocarditis
Mengo Rz-pMwt DQ294633 USA   Myocarditis
EMCV-R M81861 USA Chimpanzee Myocarditis
PEC9 DQ288856 USA Mice Myocarditis