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Figure 4

From: Inhibition of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection by recombinant adenovirus- and/or exosome-delivered the artificial microRNAs targeting sialoadhesin and CD163 receptors

Figure 4

Knock-down of Sn or CD163 receptor by the rAd- and/or exosome-delivered amiRNA. (A) Primary PAMs were transduced with each rAd and/or incubated with each amiRNA-containing exosomes derived from the rAd-transduced PK-15 cells. At 48 h after incubation, the total RNA was extracted for Sn or CD163 mRNA detection by real-time quantitative RT-PCR. (B) The rAd-transduced and/or exosome-incubated cells were stained with Sn- or CD163-specific antibody and analyzed by flow cytometry.

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