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Figure 1

From: pH-Dependent entry of chikungunya virus fusion into mosquito cells

Figure 1

C6/36 mosquito cell survival and CHIKV infection rates in the presence of lysosomotropic agents. C6/36 cells were treated with serially diluted lysosomotropic agents prior to the infection of CHIKVLR2006-OPY1 GFP. The concentrations of each dilution are shown on the x-axis. After eight hours of propagation, virus entry was quantified by the percentage of GFP-positive cells (black triangle, left y-axis). The lowest concentration of each lysosomotropic agent that leads to statistically significant reduction of CHIKV entry is highlighted with asterisks. The cytotoxicity was monitored by Alamar blue staining and quantified as percentage of survival (grey circle, right y-axis). Grey squares represent percentages of survival for C6/36 cells that were not subjected to the treatment of lysosomotropic agents and the infection of CHIKV. Black squares represent the percentage of infected C6/36 cells without the treatment of lysosomotropic agents.

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