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Figure 1

From: HHV-8 reduces dendritic cell migration through down-regulation of cell-surface CCR6 and CCR7 and cytoskeleton reorganization

Figure 1

Chemokine receptor expression on DCs exposed or not exposed to HHV-8: flow cytometric analysis of chemokine receptor 5 and 6 (CCR5 and 6) expression on immature DCs obtained after six days of culture (a and b) and of chemokine receptor 7 (CCR7) expression on LPS-matured DCs (c), exposed or not exposed to HHV-8. One representative experiment out of three is shown. a) iDCs mock: % mean±SD = 27±9.9, iDCs + HHV-8: % mean±SD =8.5±2.2; c) mDCs mock: MFI mean±SD = 2067±506; mDC + HHV-8: MFI mean±SD = 1100±147.

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