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Table 1 Morbidity and mortality of vaccinated chickens after challenge with the IBV CK/CH/JS/06II strain

From: Protection conferred by a recombinant Marek’s disease virus that expresses the spike protein from infectious bronchitis virus in specific pathogen-free chicken

Groups Morbidity Mortality
rMDV-S1 6/20 a 1/20 a
CVI988/Rispens 20/20 b 6/20 b
PBS 20/20 b 6/20 b
  1. Note: The criteria for morbidity were as follows: (1) wheezing or dyspnea, (2) swinging of the head, and (3) feathers erected and dullness. The presence of any of these criteria can be used to evaluate morbidity. The morbidity and mortality among the four experimental groups are indicated with different lowercase letters and differ significantly based on χ2 analysis (p < 0.05).