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Table 1 Characteristics of the HPV 16 mAbs used in the epitope specific antigenicity analysis.

From: Disassembly and reassembly of human papillomavirus virus-like particles produces more virion-like antibody reactivity

mAb (subclass) Neutralizing activity Type specificity Epitope [critical amino acids] (Refs) K D (nM)c Applicationd
Conformational epitopes      
H16.V5 (G2b) Strong (330)b Yes FG loop, residues 266-297 (and HI loop, residues 339-365), [282, 50] [17, 18] < 0.1 cLIA, IVRP, IC50 [1922]
H16.E70 (G2b) Strong (1)b Yes Similar to V5, [285, 288, 266, 282] [23, 24] 0.15 IC50
H236.A2 Strong (11)b Yes HI loop, residues 339-365 (and FG loop 266-297) < 0.1 IC50
Linear epitopes e      
H16.J4 (G2a) Weak No 261-280 [17, 25] 2-5 IVRP, IC50 [19, 20]
H16.O7 No No 174-185 ~2  
H16.H5 (G2b) No No 174-185 [23]   
  1. H16.V5 was identified as the mAb with highest affinity and also with highest neutralization efficiency a
  2. a Due to the immunodominant nature of this epitope in the sera of naturally infected individuals [26] and its high affinity to VLPs, V5 is the detection Ab for the sandwich ELISA for product batch release and stability testing [19, 20]. In addition, it is also the mAb for the clinical serological assay with V5 as the marker in the competition RIA, ELISA or Luminex based assay for analyzing the sera from vaccines during clinical trials or post-licensure monitoring [21, 22]
  3. b Relative neutralization efficiency (value in parenthesis) for the mAb was normalized to E70 [27]
  4. c The KD values are estimated with equilibrium based, indirect binding ELISA or SPR based methods with post-D/R VLPs [28, 29]
  5. d In support of Gardasil® development and commercial manufacturing
  6. e Most linear epitopes are not type specific. The linear epitopes, such as that of J4, were identified with immunoreactivity of synthetic peptides to the sera of patients with HPV infection and cervical neoplasms [25, 30]