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Table 3 Primers used for screening and cloning of TTV DNA

From: Phylogenetic analysis of torque teno virus genome from Pakistani isolate and incidence of co-infection among HBV/HCV infected patients

S.No Primer name Purpose Sequence Position Expected product size
1. T1F Screening 5--GTA AGT GCA CTT CCG AAT GGC TGA G-3 91-115 133 bp
2. T1R Screening 5--AGC CCG AAT TGC CCC TTG AC-3 204-223  
3. TTF2 Cloning 5- TAT GTC GTC CAC TTC CTG GG-3 50-69 3652 bp
4. TTR2 Cloning 5- GAG GAA GGA AGT CGG CCA TTT TG-3 3684-3707