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Figure 1

From: Mouse macrophage innate immune response to chikungunya virus infection

Figure 1

CHIKV infects and replicates in RAW264.7 mouse macrophages. (A) Immunostainings using FDO (human anti-CHIKV polyclonal Ab, red fluorescence) and J2 (mouse anti-double stranded RNA, green) or ISG-15 or specific rabbit anti-phospho IRF3 at 24 hrs PI. Nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue). Only a limited number of total RAW264.7 cells were infected (< 5%) in form of clusters, as focused on here, compared to CLTT (> 95% of infected cells). (B) During the time course of infection, both structural and non-structural proteins of CHIKV were produced in infected cells as shown by double staining with FDO (green fluorescence) and rabbit anti cross-reacting SFV/CHIKV Nsp1 antibody (red fluorescence). Nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue fluorescence). Negative controls are shown as insets. * Cluster of infected cells.

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