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Figure 3

From: Why are the neurodegenerative disease-related pathways overrepresented in primary HIV-infected peripheral blood mononuclear cells: a genome-wide perspective

Figure 3

Cell-tagging analysis. Diverse cell types in PBMCs tagged by dysregulated genes. Percentage of total dysregulated genes (P<0.05) in HIV positive PBMCs versus healthy controls, expressed in T-cells, B-cells, natural killer (NK)-cells, monocytes/macrophage, dendritic cells (DCs), and basophils, determined from the human immune cell module of the immunological genome project[15]. A much higher percentage of the DE genes were predominantly expressed in monocytes/macrophage and dendritic cells (DCs), consistent with HIV infection of the brain. There was no significant difference between up- and down-regulated genes. P-values were determined by comparing the number of genes from each cell subset observed and expected in either up or down regulated genes.

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