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Table 1 Summary of nine 454-pyrosequencing runs used in this study

From: Transcriptome analysis of symptomatic and recovered leaves of geminivirus-infected pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Tissue Number of runs Total no. reads Average length (nt) Average quality
Mock a 1 222,558 99.4 27.8
Symptomatic b 5 865,103 98.6 28.1
Recovered c 3 750,906 101.7 27.5
Total 9 1,838,567 99.8  
  1. a Pool of mock-inoculated leaf tissue sampled at 9, 15 and 20 dpi.
  2. b Pool of symptomatic leaf tissue sampled at 9 dpi. A single run had low quality sequences and thus was discarded from downstream analyses. A total of 770,694 sequences from a total of 4 runs were used in downstream analyses of symptomatic tissues.
  3. c Pool of recovered leaf tissue sampled at 20 dpi.