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Table 2 Primers and vectors used to generate WNV recombinant proteins

From: West Nile alternative open reading frame (N-NS4B/WARF4) is produced in infected West Nile Virus (WNV) cells and induces humoral response in WNV infected individuals

Name Position AF260967 Primer forward Primer reverse Vector
WARF4 7310-7757 5-atggcggatcc aggcaatgcgctcagcccagcg-3 BamHI 5- tctttgaagctt ctagtgaactcttcttttgtc-3 HindIII pRSET B
ENV 1852-2198 5- ggaaaggatcc agttgaagggaacaacc -3 BamHI 5-ctcctgaattc gtggttgtaaaggctttgcc-3 EcoRI pRSET C
preM/M 464-968 5-cagcgggatcc cagttaccctctctaacttcc-3 BamHI 5-caagggaattc aagctgtaagctggggccacc-3 EcoRI pRSET C
Partial NS5 9015-9645 5-gaggcggatcc gcggggggaatgtcacac-3 BamHI 5-ttccgaattc tcaaacagccaggtcctg-3EcoRI pRSET B
Partial NS4B 7276-7680 5-tcgatggatcc gacactatgcctacatggttcc-3BamHI 5-ggatcaagctt ttatctttttagtcctggtttttc-3HindIII pRSET C
  1. The table shows the primers and vectors used for molecular cloning. The restriction sites are underlined. Because of BamHI restriction site generated by a T/C transition in position 850 [AF260967], the preM/M cloned fragment encompassed the positions 464–850.