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Table 1 WNV accession numbers

From: West Nile alternative open reading frame (N-NS4B/WARF4) is produced in infected West Nile Virus (WNV) cells and induces humoral response in WNV infected individuals

LINEAGE I WARF4 Group 1 AY646354 DQ066423 HQ891010 DQ164186 JF730043 DQ164199 HM488224 HM488159 AY660002
HM756658 FJ411043 HQ891011 HM488183 DQ164198 HM488208 HM488172 AY289214 JF488087
HM488118 HQ671697 HQ891013 HM488142 DQ164205 HM488253 HQ671702 HM488194 HM488218
HM488119 HQ671714 JF730040 HM488147 HM488177 HM488133 HM488180 HM756660 HM488236
HM488123 HM488247 HQ671669 DQ164200 HM488251 HM488136 HM488189 HM488165 HM756678
HM488124 HM756661 HQ671673 HM488181 HM488140 HQ671719 DQ005530 HM488199 HM488206
JF488089 HM756663 HQ671677 HM488209 HM756672 HQ671713 HM488162 HM488243 HM488238
HM488237 HQ671711 HQ671687 HQ671722 HM488141 AF404755 HM488195 JF488097 HM488203
DQ666452 AF404756 HQ671688 HM756667 HQ705659 GQ379156 FJ527738 HM488205 GQ379157
HQ671715 EF657887 HQ671689 HQ671723 HM488114 DQ164202 HQ671701 HM488171 GQ379158
HM488200 EF530047 HQ671690 HM488137 HM488139 AY712947 HM488227 HM488230 HM488233
HQ671672 HM756662 HQ705670 HQ671699 HQ671724 DQ164189 HM488228 HQ671726 HM488234
HQ891012 HM756664 HQ705674 HM488138 HM756650 EU155484 HM488176 HM488201 HM488116
HQ671718 HM488130 HQ671682 HM488211 HQ705660 HM488231 HM488163 HM488207 JF488086
HQ671730 HM488249 HQ671683 HM756673 HM488214 HM488232 HM488164 HM488245 HM756657
HQ671728 HM488132 HQ671685 DQ164191 HM488216 HM488121 HM488161 HM488202 GQ379160
JF488096 HQ671708 HQ705675 HM756648 HM488145 HM488122 HM488246 HM488179 JF488088
HM488235 HQ671710 JF357959 AY795965 HM488146 HQ671703 HM488167 JF357960 HQ671671
HQ671721 AF404753 HQ705672 HM488156 HM488144 HM488155 HM488170 HQ705669 JF357958
HM488127 HQ671712 HQ671681 HM488158 HM488157 HQ671720 HM488168 HM756676 JF784158
HM488128 HQ671668 HM488248 HM488148 HM756671 DQ164206 HM488169 HQ671698 HQ671676
AF196835 HQ671680 DQ164188 HM488151 HQ671729 HM488175 HM488166 HM756669 DQ118127
HM488125 HQ671674 HM488134 HM488154 HM488225 HM756653 HM488174 HM488193 DQ374652
HM488126 HQ671675 HM488135 HM488150 HM488226 DQ164190 HM488204 HQ671700 DQ411029
AF260967 HQ671679 HQ671716 HM488153 HM488229 HQ671725 HM488254 HM488217  
HQ596519 HQ671684 HQ671717 HM488115 HM488185 HM488191 HM488196 HQ671692  
DQ211652 HQ671678 HQ671696 HM488117 HM488143 HM488198 HQ671727 HQ671707  
NC_009942 HQ671686 DQ164194 HM488120 HM488221 HM488173 HM756675 HQ671709  
AY842931 HQ671691 DQ164193 HM488149 DQ164196 HM756659 HM488244 HM488240  
EF571854 HQ671732 HM488178 HM488152 DQ164197 HM488210 HQ671705 HM756666  
AY848695 HQ671733 HQ671693 HM756656 AY712948 HM488197 HM488188 JF730042  
AY848696 HQ671731 HQ705677 HM488213 HM488186 HM756652 HM488219 HM488239  
HM488131 HQ705663 HQ671694 JF488091 HM488190 HM756654 AF481864 HQ671704  
AF404754 HQ705671 HQ705678 HM488215 HM488222 DQ164204 HM488252 HM488160  
HM488129 HQ705673 HQ671695 JF488094 HM756665 DQ176637 JF488093 HM756649  
AF206518 HQ671670 HM488250 HM488220 HM756668 AY712945 JF488090 HM488242  
HQ671706 HQ705676 HM488182 HM756670 HM488212 AY712946 JF488092 HM488241  
AY848697 HQ891009 DQ164195 HM488184 HM756651 HM488223 DQ666450 JF488095  
  WARF4 Group 2 DQ411034 DQ411035 DQ374651 DQ377179 DQ377178 DQ377180 DQ411033 DQ411032 DQ374650
AY278441 DQ411030 DQ411031 AF404757 AF260968 EU081844 AM404308 EU249803 HM051416
AY490240 AY603654        
   HM488187 DQ164187 DQ164192 DQ164203 DQ164201 DQ666448 DQ666451 HM756677  
  DQ666449 GQ379159 AY277252       
  1. The table shows the accession numbers of WNV strains belonging to lineage I analyzed in silico in this work.