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Figure 2

From: Molecular evidence for the occurrence of Japanese encephalitis virus genotype I and III infection associated with acute Encephalitis in Patients of West Bengal, India, 2010

Figure 2

Phylogenetic analysis of 13 JEV isolates in serum/CSF samples from AES patients, West Bengal. The Neighbor-Joining (NJ) Phylogenetic tree based on complete envelope (E) gene nucleotide sequences of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) isolates/strains. The Murray valley encephalitis virus strain (MVEV-1-51) was used as an out group for generating the rooted tree. The robustness of dendrogram was evaluated by 1000 bootstrap pseudo replicates. Bootstrap values (≥50% of replicates) were shown in corresponding nodes. Horizontal branch lengths are proportional to genetic distance and vertical branch lengths have no significance. Each taxon is named systematically by mentioning the accession number, strain name, country of origin and year of isolation. The isolates’ sequences used in this study were marked with filled circle and triangle symbols. Genotypes are indicated on the right. Scale bar indicates nucleotide substitutions per site.

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