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Table 1 Benefits and weaknesses of the molecular methods for HPV detection

From: A review of methods for detect human Papillomavirusinfection

Method Benefits Weaknesses
Nucleic acids hybridization assays Southern blot is gold standard for HPV genomic analysis Presence of HPV in association with morphology Low sensitivity , time consuming, relatively large amounts of purified DNA
   Southern blot and hybridization cannot use degraded DNA
Signal amplification assays Quantitative Licensed and patented technologies
  FDA-approved test (hc2) Wasn’t designed to genotyping individual
  Lower false-positive rate  
  High sensitivity to genotyping  
Nucleic acids amplification assays Flexible technology (viral load and genotype) Lower amplification signals of some HPV genotypes
  Very high sensitivity Contamination with previously amplified material can lead to false positives
  Multiplex analysis  
  1. HPV = Human Papillomavirus; FDA = Food and Drug Administration; hc2 = Hybrid Capture® 2; PCR = Polymerase Chain Reaction.