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Table 1 The distribution of rADV-EGFP in the lung and olfactory bulb of mice after i.n. or s.l. administration

From: Sublingual immunization with recombinant adenovirus encoding SARS-CoV spike protein induces systemic and mucosal immunity without redirection of the virus to the brain

Route PCR positive in lunga PCR positive in olfactory bulb
   i.n. 8/8 8/8
   s.l. 8/8 0/8
  1. a BALB/c mice were immunized with rADV-EGFP by i.n. or s.l. injection and next day, the lung and olfactory bulb were removed from the immunized mice. DNA was purified from the lungs and olfactory bulbs by using DNeasy tissue kit. The results were determined by PCR as described in Materials and Methods.