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Table 1 The primers of Identification of rMVA-mep by PCR

From: Multiple linear epitopes (B-cell, CTL and Th) of JEV expressed in recombinant MVA as multiple epitope vaccine induces a protective immune response


Primer (from 5’ to 3’)


Forward primer: ctcgagatgccgaccaccggcgaagcgca

Reverse primer: catatgatttttataaaaatttaaaacacctgatgcaccgcacggccgatgctag


Forward primer: gaatgcacatacataagtaccggcatctctagca

Reverse primer: caccagcgtctacatgacgagcttccgagtt

MVA (wild)

Forward primer: acataagtaccggcatctctagcacacagc


Reverse primer: ttcgccggtggtcggcatctcgagagctac