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Table 2 Immunogenetic analysis of human anti-V3 monoclonal antibodies

From: Production and characterization of human anti-V3 monoclonal antibodies from the cells of HIV-1 infected Indian donors

# 1mAb Specificity Isotype 2IGHV 3CDRH3
1 277 V3 (gp120) IgG1 κ 3-30*03 ATLPVVTPATEPFDF
2 903 V3 (gp120) IgG1 κ 3-30*03 AKHYAEGGLDV
3 904 V3 (gp120) IgG1 λ 1-8*01 ARFALQSYIVSTDSYDIDY
  1. 1Three anti-V3 monoclonal Abs listed were derived from HIV-1 infected Indian donors.
  2. 2Immunoglobulin gene usage for heavy (IGHV) and amino acid sequences of 3CDRH3 domains was determined using IMGT system; an asterisk indicates allele.