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Table 3 Mixed infections in flocks, markets and in individual samples from Central African Republic

From: Epidemiology of chicken anemia virus in Central African Republic and Cameroon

Flock Sample Clusters
Flock 1 CAF08-044 CAF1 + CAF3
CAF08-045 CAF1
Flock 2 CAF08-068 CAF1
CAF08-069 CAF3
CAF08-070 CAF3
CAF08-071 CAF3
Flock 3 CAF08-072 CAF1
CAF08-074 CAF3
CAF08-075 CAF3
Flock 4 CAF08-076 CAF1 + CAF3
CAF08-078 CAF1 + CAF3
CAF08-079 CAF1
Flock 5 CAF09-131 CAF4
CAF09-132 CAF1
Flock 6 CAF09-144 -
CAF09-145 CAF1
CAF09-146 CAF1 + CAF3
CAF09-147 CAF3
Market 1 CAF09-119 CAF1 + CAF4
CAF09-116 CAF4
CAF09-117 CAF4
CAF09-118 CAF1
Market 2 CAF09-142 CAF1
CAF09-143 CAF4
Market 3 CAF09-148 CAF2 + CAF3