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Figure 1

From: One-step detection of Bean pod mottle virusin soybean seeds by the reverse-transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification

Figure 1

Alignment of the selected region of BPMV CPs and the RT-LAMP primer set. (A) Alignment of the selected region of BPMV CP used for designing the RT-LAMP primer. The isolate or strain of BPMV used in the alignment are as follows: isolate IA-Di1 (GU562880.1), strain K-Hancock 1 (AF394607.1), strain K-Hopkins 1 (AF394609.1), isolate Iowa-Prignitz 10 (GQ996947.1), isolate Iowa-Desmodium illinoense 1 (GQ996949.1 and GQ996950.1). (B) The primer set selected for RT-LAMP. BPMV isolate IA-Di1 were used as reference sequence.

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